By Claudia Sauter and Clarette du Plooy
Claudia Sauter - Board Member. Communication Specialist.
Clarette du Plooy - Founder of 8sa. Problem solver.

Creativity, or the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something, is the fuel of innovation. We need it now, more than ever before. We need it to change systems, cultures and processes that is not working anymore. We need innovative strategies for our businesses and new ideas to create real connection in a more virtual working environment.   

People are the main source of inspiration for new ideas. The more diverse the people, the more creative and the more the ideas are that are typically generated. 

Some people have more lightbulb moments than others. Others shape lightbulb moments and turn it into something tangible that can be built or executed. What is important is to know and value the different creative skills that is present in a group of people. Knowing what skills are lacking will also give an opportuntity to source them in. People don’t always need to know content in depth to bring a new perspective or creative ideas. 

Just as important as knowing others, you also have to know yourself. If you need a creative solution or strategy and you are the one most afraid of creativity, the bravest thing can be to delegate the idea generation to someone who can guide it.  Encourage your team to think outside the box and give them time and resources to explore new areas for innovative ideas. Let them shape it into tangible solutions and then take a risk to really listen, evaluate the solutions as objectively as possible and take a risk.

Creativity and innovation within well-run companies have always been recognized as a sure path to success. Stimulating creativity and exploring new and unknown territories can lead to an increase in productivity, identifying new opportunities, cost savings and most of all more fun.

Image credit – poptonicart