Create emotional touchpoints with LinkedIn Stories
Create emotional touchpoints with LinkedIn Stories
By Claudia Sauter
Board Member. Communication Specialist.

Moving emotionally in 20 seconds, 24 hours is the goal of LinkedIn Stories. They are another channel to demonstrate your brand’s or business’ creativity and authenticity and stay in touch with your community. People at all stages of their careers can use stories to be more seen. It can be used spontaneously – but should not be overused. Telling stories emotionally and inspiring others is an excellent way to inspire different target groups.

What companies communicate externally is also internal communication and vice versa and therefore we recommend integrating this new feature in the social media strategy and thus in the communication strategy.

There is a lot of potential in stories if they are carefully done. For example, how about a picture story about the everyday life of an employee or photos of a new tool? A look behind the scenes, so to speak.  Especially in large companies, this creates a sense of cohesion and you learn a lot about other areas. But stories are also a tool that gives free rein to creativity and where you can put something to smile about. You can celebrate successes and congratulate a team – even tag the employees. That is a wonderful compliment. Or maybe post a testimonial and tag the customer. That in turn helps both companies to become better known.

It is important to get things right from the start. The attention span is very short. If you get bored at the beginning, the user will wander to the next story.  Stories are consumed quickly and clicked away accordingly. A story is not about buying a product, but to arouse curiosity and trigger an action effect at the end – call-to-action. The theme depends on who you want to reach. For example, you can address an everyday problem in your industry and thus arouse the curiosity of the audience. This in the end increases the chance that your story will be seen to the end.

Emotional storytelling has an incredible impact on bringing you closer to your community. You can do this on LinkedIn Stories by telling a professional story. Maybe even in a way that makes your audience smile and wants to get in touch with you.

Image credit – Unsplash Magnus Olsson